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Magnetic Drawing Toys

Magna Doodle is really a magnetic drawing toy, composed of the drafting board, a magnetic stylus, along with a couple of magnet shapes. Invented in 1974, over forty million models happen to be offered up to now worldwide, under several brands, product names and versions.

The key element of the toy is the magnetophoretic display panel, filled with a thick, opaque white liquid containing tiny dark magnetic particles. These particles can be drawn to the drawing surface by a magnet-tipped stylus or optionally-provided shapes, or removed to the hidden back side by a sliding eraser bar. The middle layer is divided into a honeycomb of cells, keeping the liquid static and the particles evenly distributed across the panel. The liquid is formulated so that the floating particles can be pulled through it in response to the magnetic forces, but not due to gravity.

Card Toys

Card Toys card and games . It's not easy to help keep cooped-up kids entertained.

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Robot Electronic Pets

Robot Electronic Pets and Toys have lengthy been an element of the human imagination,

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Beginner Model Building Kits

Beginner Model Building Kits is relatively easy to set up modeling building kits,

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