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About Paper Art Toys

Young children love the crunchy sound of crinkling tissue paper! Have fun making art with the Tissue Paper Art kit. Simply peel the picture one section at a time, crunch up the colorful tissue paper squares, and stick them down. Each kit comes with 6 self-stick patterns, 500 tissue paper squares in a rainbow of colors, and 4 giant wiggly eyes.

For the last few years, an underground paper toy scene has been developing across the world largely thanks to the internet and social media. Character designers have been devising templates of their toy creations which can be downloaded, by and large, for free by whoever is interested.

One of the coolest paper art toys, it have dispense paper rolls that are the right shapes and sizes! Then you use the actual workspace itself to create your craft in either 2-D or 3-D. two 3-D template, an adhesive card template, eight gems, four pairs of foam sticker eyes and other foam sticker embellishments.

Wood Blocks

Low minimums and great low prices on wood blocks and wood square eliminate shapes.

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Chess & Card Toys

Chess & Card Toys will exercise your critical thinking, spatial, analytical and decision making skills.

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Drawing Toys

What to start when selecting best drawing toys for kids? In most cases you should consider a couple of points at the outset of your research.

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