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About Toy Wooden Blocks

Low minimums and great low prices on wood blocks and wood square eliminate shapes. You’ll find square wood cubes in proportions from ?” to 3-1/2”, plus alphabet blocks, and square cutouts in a number of dimensions. Our cube blocks and square cutouts are produced from hardwood and are perfect for painting. These are perfect for kid craft wood stackables, bird toy parts and academic game components. Decorate them for your holidays or personalize them by creating name blocks or simply write their name round the square cut-outs.

This classic wooden blocks set includes 100 wood blocks colored vibrant red, blue, yellow, and eco-friendly. A flexible number of shapes are incorporated: rectangular prisms, cubes, cylinders, half circles, arches, and 2 different dimensions of rectangular planks and triangles.

The blocks come in a variety of sizes including the half-circle measuring about 1-1/2 inches long and the tallest rectangular plank measuring about 3-1/2 inches long. Their size, combined with the wonderful variety of shapes, makes them just challenging enough for younger children to manipulate. A three-year-old tester enjoyed trying to build towers and walls as tall as possible, as well as sorting the blocks by shape and color. And the smaller size of the blocks keeps them interesting for older children.

Wooden Blocks are among the toys we remember from becoming an adult. It normally won't date and could be handed down through decades. Uncle Goose constitutes a beautiful choice of wooden blocks, from Michigan basswood which will stand ages. Blocks make wonderful baby shower celebration, newborn, baptism, and christening or first birthday gifts. Wooden blocks are ideal for stacking, building, creating or creating with no doubt the expected outcomes of knocking on them. Wooden blocks develop hands eye coordination, fine motor abilities and therefore are an important wooden toy for just about any child.

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